Caulerpa Ashmeadii

A tall and large species of caulerpa that makes a striking background for your tank. CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA

A  large species of caulerpa that makes a striking background for your tank. It isn't the hardiest caulerpa we carry and it should only be attempted by those aquarists somewhat skilled at macro keeping, since it does have a higher tendency to go sexual than other algae we carry. An ideal hitch for seahorses and pipefish, it will do best under stronger lighting. It can survive under t5 and metal halide lighting in tanks of standard depth with little issue, assuming the tank is kept in the mid to upper 70s and current and nutrients are adequate. Deeper tanks or tanks with, weaker lighting systems should consider placing the caulerpa on the rocks, higher in the tank rather than planting it in the substrate.

Reaches heights of about 15 inches tall, specimen sent will be about 8-10 inches talland 5 inches long. Only choose Priority Mail if you are familiar with recouping caulerpas that have gone pale in transit.  (24/7 lighting, possible pruning etc...)

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